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Episode 8: Implants and Fighting Piracy with Reba Rocket

Invest in yourself! This week on Tanya Tate's MILF$ Making Money podcast, Tanya discusses reinvesting earnings in yourself as she did by getting new breast implants. Another solid investment is having someone protect your content from piracy. Reba Rocket from Takedown Piracy/Clip Sentry joins Tanya to talk about how she can help you keep your content safe and monetized.

Episode 7: Shooting Content and When to Turn off Social Media

Tanya Tate pack's this week's MILF$ Making Money with wild stories and valuable tips! How do you set up a content trade or collaboration? Tanya will walk you through how she does it! Collabs are essential to expanding your brand, so Tanya will talk about the dos and don'ts from her experiences.

Also, Tanya knows how crucial social media is, but when is it time to disconnect? She'll take deep dive into that, and so much more on Tanya Tate Presents MILF$ Making Money.

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