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Episode 10: Lawyer Up And Protect Yourself

Do Content Creators need a lawyer on retainer? Yes, you do! Today on Tanya Tate Presents MILF$ Making Money, Tanya talks with Corey Silverstein of Adult.Law to discuss all of the reasons creators should look into adding a lawyer to their team. Also, on this week's show, Tanya shares with you how she deals with frustrating problems when they arise. When taking a step back to reassess the situation is crucial. Also, Tanya reacts to listeners' Speakpipe voicemails!



Episode 9: Deleted from Instagram? And Sex Workers' Society Challenges With Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals

I had my almost 3 million followers, Verified Instagram account deleted! Listen to what happened and the steps I took to try and get it back on this week's Tanya Tate Presents MILF$ Making Money Podcast! Also my guest, Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals, talks about society's acceptance, and lack thereof, of sex workers. You need to know all this if you want to have a career on premium social media platforms! Let's goooooo!