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Episode 12: How I Get Inspired & Iconic Christy Canyon On Career Longevity

This week is another powerful new episode of Tanya Tate's MILF$ Making Money. Tanya discusses her formula for finding inspiration when you have none. Some people may feel down and unmotivated, especially with the holidays coming, so how do you overcome it? Tanya talks you through her experiences.

Also, adult entertainment icon Christy Canyon whose career spans decades, shares her secrets on career longevity. Christy has seen and done it all as a performer, content creator, writer, and radio show host. Now she brings her insight on how the megastar of erotica's golden age is now finding success in an OnlyFans world.

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Episode 11: Guest Samantha Bentley And Making A Change, Just Do It!

Procrastination a problem for you? In this episode of Tanya Tate Presents MILF$ Making Money podcast Tanya offers suggestions on what works for her to get started on those tough projects. Also award-winning adult entertainment superstar Samantha Bentley guests to talk about providing sex, dating, and relationship advice with her new Projekt Freyja. Samantha also discusses finding her balance between being a parent and generating revenue.

• Procrastination a problem for you? Tanya offers suggestions on what works for her.
• Samantha Bentley on Projekt Freyja and balancing being a parent with generating revenue.