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Episode 17: Changing "Have To" to "Get to" for positive momentum, and how Jenna Starr turned COVID closing her business into an influencer opportunity.

Appreciate where you are! You're on a career journey, and sometimes doing what you love can feel like a chore. On this week's MILF$ Making Money Podcast, Tanya Tate shares her thoughts on changing how you look at tasks. 


When COVID hit the US, it forced Jenna Starr to close down her cosmetology business. The savvy entrepreneur did a hard pivot into content creation. Jenna talks about the bold steps she took to become a successful influencer when her business hit hard times. 


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Episode 16: Avoiding Your Energy Vampires And Star Factory PR's Alexander Raymond On Hiring A Publicist

Stop scrolling and start creating! On MILF$ Making Money, Tanya targets a problem that affects us all: wasting time and letting "Energy Vampires" slow your roll. Your energy is too precious. Don't let negativity, gossip, or anything else not constructive get in your way. Tanya shares what helps her stay focused and what you can do.

Also, on the show: Have you been thinking about hiring a publicist to boost your brand? To level up your name recognition? Alexander "Monstar" Raymond of Star Factory PR is here to discuss everything you need to look for in a publicist and what to avoid!

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