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Episode 19: Scarlett Jones on strengthening your brand in multiple markets & sleep care is the new self-care

One of the UK's hottest content creators, Scarlett Jones, guests on Tanya Tate's MILF$ Making Money podcast to talk about international appeal. Maximize your brand and your revenue by tapping into other markets. Scarlett shares her story on how the British babe is now looking to make an impact on US fans.

Staying up late trying to get work done? You may be doing yourself a disservice. Tanya shares her thoughts on sleep care as the new self-care and how you need to rest to be as productive as possible.

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Episode 18: Sinn Sage On Niche Content And Where To Go For Advice

This week on Tanya Tate's MILF$ Making Money Podcast, award-winning erotic content creator Sinn Sage talks about the benefits of producing specialized niche content. If you are interested in incorporating fetish into your content but are not sure it’s for you, then let Sinn tell you why you should! Sinn also discusses how to go about choosing the premium social media platform that's right for you.