Episode 14: Korina Kova - From Blindness To Career Blessed
Ivy Maddox - A Fearless Mindset For Incredible Accomplishments! | Episode 16

Episode 15: Bella Lexi - Former Police Officer Created OnlyFans Opportunities

This week on Tanya Tate presents Skinfluencer Success: Bella Lexi was a Colorado police Lieutenant until one of her colleagues found out about her OnlyFans side hustle. Her law enforcement career was cut short, but the media attention propelled her erotic content career to meteoric heights. Now she is generating more revenue with premium social media than she did as a cop. This is her thrilling success story.

Also on the show, Tanya talks about touching your dreams. Focusing on your goals and putting yourself in the position of making them happen. Moving from her little house in Liverpool to living in Los Angeles and the journey of the IVF process are some of the dreams she made happen. Tanya will discuss how she "touched" her dreams and the reality that followed.

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